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Initial prototypes, called T and T, were not much improved over the T project which had been abandoned earlier that year, but the heavier T was selected for further development. The design bureau was gutted during the Great Purge, and was unable to continue the project, so it was transferred to the K. Voroshilov Factory Number in May Troyanov completed the T design in January and production was authorized, but due to technical problems, it was unable to proceed.

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In the meantime, a replacement for the BT fast tanks was developed and built at the KhPZ factory in Ukraine, which exceeded its original programme. The result was the very capable and economical T medium tank. After the German invasion, Operation Barbarossa in June, tank factories were ordered to be transferred to the Urals. The T was of an excellent design, but still suffered from technical problems, and at that time was found to be as expensive to produce as the more capable T Much simpler T light tanks were already being mass-produced.

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A total of 69 T tanks were built only 48 of them armed , before production ended in January Some further infantry tank design work on a prototype, called the T, continued at Factory Number and the Kirovskiy Factory Number But faced with the need to accelerate T production, and due to a lack of interest from troops in the field, the Soviet infantry tank concept was abandoned. The few Ts available were deployed on the Leningrad front. Few in-service photos survived and not much is known of their combat record.

One uparmored T was captured by Finnish forces and was used by them in This unit survived the war and is now on display in Finland. On paper, the T should have been easily able to hold its own against any early-war German tank, however, paper specifications cannot always predict real-world performance. Most light tank production in —43 consisted of the less advanced but simpler T and T light tanks.

By , the infantry tank role was considered obsolete, and cheaper SU self-propelled guns took over the light infantry support role. Light tanks in tank regiments were being replaced by T medium tanks.

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The liaison and reconnaissance roles of light tanks were assumed by cheaper armoured cars and Lend-Leasesupplies of Canadian and British Valentine tanks and U. M3 Stuart light tanks. There were two variants; a basic model and an up-armored model. Just prior to the German invasion of the USSR, many Soviet tanks had their armor reinforced with welded or bolted add-on plates.

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Some Kliment Voroshilov heavy tanks, T medium tanks and T light tanks received add-on armor fittings. A few Ts also received these add-ons.

This up-armored variant is recognizable by the bolt heads that hold the armor added to the turret sides and hull front. The normal T is a very 'clean' looking vehicle by comparison. Ironically, the armor add-ons were in response to erroneous reports of powerful German antitank and tank guns. The uparmored T had 57 mm of armor at its thickest points. One T was captured from the Soviets and remained on Finnish inventory until It was used as a command tank. View Source View history.

These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. Pros and Cons Pros: Excellent maneuverability and agility Very good rate of fire with plentiful ammo capacity Good gun depression by Soviet standard Rather good camo Sloped armor will bounce shots relatively often Cons: Subpar alpha damage compared to other 75mm-carrying lights Shots faster than it aims with gun rammer mounted, limiting its damage output at distance Subpar view range Somewhat fragile ammo racks Performance Since the introduction of Patch 8.

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Early Research Unfortunately, not a single module carries over unless you've already researched MT through T In that case, you might want to mount 45 mm VTM immediately with enhanced torsion bars installed. Research the TM suspension to increase the already crazy traverse speed and to allow mounting of more advanced modules. Unlock the 45mm VTM to receive a major boost on firepower, improving aimtime, accuracy, damage output and penetration altogether. Research the V-4M engine for increased mobility. Research the KRSTB radio set to allow you to receive enemy positions from much more distant locations.

Sources and External Links. Pawel Broda 73 3 Posted 27 November - Snow map could be some dangorus for this vechicle, I,'m afraid. I say it's a definite buy for any light tanker. Snorelacks 6 Posted 27 November - Just purchased it online. Can't wait to play it when I get back from my trip.

With the new physics, however, I'd say pass. McLogo 8 Posted 27 November - Careful with flipping a few times when you turn and carry a good amount of skill rounds. Thanks for the comments I went ahead and got it as I enjoy fast, sneaky tanks that can make good use of vision control and camo. The gun of course is nothing special, but it is effective.. The speed and mobility are very good and it has great camo when moving.

Have to be very patient with the gun as it really seems to give away your position easily But it's great for passive and active scouting, and causing a LOT of chaos and confusion behind enemy lines.

And of course circling to death any tanks out in the open and alone. I'm running it with coated optics, vents, and enhanced suspension I also run it with large repair kit for emergeny track or engine repair , food, and quality oil.

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I don't worry about crew damage as it will rarely survive more than one or two shots with the tiers it sees. It seems to still make decent silver, unless I'm using a lot of premium ammo, but I'm not using this for silver earning Overall, I'm very happy with the tank so far. Of course it's going to struggle to do damage in high tier matches, but this one is all about the spotting and assisted damage. My first match resulted in over 4, in assisted damage.. Can't wait to get more play time with the little speed demon. The only thing that give the Snakebite the edge over is is that the Snakebite never has to see tier IX, but they both are a ton of fun.

Very Classy 10 Posted 04 February - I was on defense in Karelia Assault. Methinks I need to pick this premium light up Very Classy 12 Posted 04 February - BigHundy 13 Posted 04 February - I love this tank. I have premium tanks between Xbox and PS4. Even on garbage maps I still have fun.

IMO it's in the top 5 premium light tanks in the game. Very Classy 14 Posted 04 February - Something has to be pretty bad about it, though. This is was the only time that I've ever noticed one Is it a must-have? Koncorde 17 Posted 04 February - The LTTB is its practical clone a few tiers above it.