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How to set up your new Amazon Echo

Private message Share Share. Yes 34 No Your Name or Login. I have read and agree to the Pissed Consumer Terms of Service. Post Comment Post Comment Cancel. Convert into review Leave as comment. I agree to TOS Cancel. Yes 0 No 0. Anonymous Anonymous Sep 25, Anonymous Ozjak Jul 19, Knew better than to reply to an obvious scam. Totally wouldn't feel remorse for hacking off their hands. An eye for an eye.

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Anonymous Art Jul 28, On another site the ones that do answer are all in Africa or Russia. Dont fall for this scam. Anonymous catman kta Jul 24, Quickest way to cancel account is to email cancel date-support. Anonymous micheal Jul 24, Good thing I thought about putting my credit card number Very good thing I saw this review Anonymous bdpotter Jul 19, Anonymous noname Jul 07, Anonymous JayB Jul 04, Once in the store, find and download the official Amazon Alexa app, which shouldn't be too difficult to find.

Now we've got the required software, it's time to get the Amazon Echo hardware itself set up. Take the speaker and turn it over to find the power jack, then take the Echo's power adapter and plug it into the power jack on the Echo speaker. Finally, take the power adapter's other end and plug it into the wall. Your Amazon Echo now has power, and should start glowing as it configures itself. We're on our way to setting it up. Once your Echo is connected to the mains, you'll have to wait a couple of seconds for it to initialize.

Its light ring will turn blue for a couple of moments, then switch to orange, and then play a short audio greeting. At this point the Amazon Echo is ready for the final setup step. Next, open the Alexa app you downloaded earlier on your phone or tablet, then tap the cog-shaped icon in the bottom-right to get to Settings for the next set up stage. Select 'Set up a new device' to start the Wi-Fi connection process. You now need to teach the Echo how to log into your home Wi-Fi, so it can get online on its own in future. Next, select which Amazon Echo speaker you want to set up.

How to Set Up and Use Your Amazon Echo Dot

For the purposes of this guide we've been assuming that you're setting up a full-size Amazon Echo, but these instructions will also work just as well if you're setting up the mini Echo Dot, the Echo Plus, or even the battery-powered Amazon Tap the four are all controlled through the same app. Select the right device, and then pick the correct language from the next page. Select 'Connect to Wi-Fi' from the next page to continue the set up process and get connected: If not, you'll have to hold the 'action button' for five seconds first to put the device into setup mode.

With that done, you'll need to hop out of the Alexa app and into your phone's own settings menu.

Get off to the best start with your new smart speaker

To use a 3. Connecting a Bluetooth speaker just takes a few taps under the Settings menu. Open the Alexa app, slide out the left menu, and select Settings. You should see your device under the Devices heading at the top of the list. Select it, then choose Bluetooth. On the resulting menu, hit the Pair a New Device button and put your speaker in pairing mode.

Select the right device and your Echo will play all audio through that speaker. If you want to break the connection, say Alexa, disconnect Bluetooth and it will play audio solely through your Dot. To reconnect later, say Alexa, connect Bluetooth. Make sure your speaker is on when you do so! You can use this feature to leave a message for a friend, or even call them and chat live at no extra cost.

Tap the Messaging tab at the bottom of the app screen to view your recent messages and even send one from the app. Long requested by users, messaging and voice calling adds yet another layer of usefulness to the enormously popular voice-activated speaker. Read More for everything you need to know. The Echo is a great cornerstone to a smart home setup. Diving into creating a smart home is beyond the scope of this article — review our smart gadgets that are easy to set up 5 Easy-to-Setup Smart Home Gadgets for First Timers 5 Easy-to-Setup Smart Home Gadgets for First Timers Smart home automation sounds awesome in theory, but a lot of folks are hesitant to try it out because the learning curve seems hard.

If that describes you: Here are the products you need. As an Echo owner, you should also know about the useful options hanging out in the Alexa app on your phone. To access it, slide out the left menu and select Settings.

Amazon Echo DOT - Set up in FIVE MINUTES, it's EASY

By default, the wake word for every Echo device is Alexa. You can choose from four options: Alexa , Amazon , Echo , and Computer. The last one should appeal to Star Trek fans. But smart home security is a big deal -- and Burger King just showed us why. You can also schedule a time for Do Not Disturb to automatically activate every day.

1. Echo Dot Unboxing and First Time Setup

Try out a new alarm sound by tapping the Alarm entry. Then make sure your Alarm, Timer and Notification Volume is high enough that you hear it. Whenever you say Alexa , your Echo will play a little tone so you know that it heard you. Your Echo should set this automatically. This ensures you get the most accurate information when asking about local details.

If you like, Alexa can tell you when your Amazon packages are close to delivery. Whenever you see a yellow ring, ask Alexa to read your notifications to see when your item will arrive. Head to the Flash Briefing section of Settings to change where you get your news from. To add sources, tap Get more Flash Briefing content and add any you like. But you need to specify which teams you care about first.

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Just search for a team name and tap it to add it to your list. Start with your home address, then specify your work destination. You can even add a stop in between if you always get a morning coffee, or drop your children off at school. To enable this, you need to connect a calendar service. Tap your preference and sign into your account to link them. The Alexa app includes a basic to-do list. Select from several popular services, including Any.

Use this and Alexa will have a better idea of how you sound. Spending money on Amazon using only your voice might be too tempting for some people. This prevents guests from goofing off and buying a bunch of junk.

2. Basic Alexa Commands and Adding Skills

Just as rebooting your computer fixes lots of issues, the first troubleshooting step you should always take with your Echo is rebooting it. To power cycle your Dot, simply unplug it, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in and let it boot back up. Move it at least eight inches from any walls if possible.

Also, consider what other noise might block Alexa from hearing you clearly. An air conditioner running all the time near your Echo will make it hard to pick up your voice. If this is affecting you, first power cycle all of your networking gear, including the Dot, your router, and modem. Should problems continue after this, try moving your Echo closer to your router.