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It entails lots of food, drinks, carolling and good-natural pranks. Also Malanka includes a travelling Christmas play, or vertep. The children like to take part in vertep. I am proud of my work and I am very happy for my clients-Julia and Abdenour. Julia just came to my agency by recommendation and it was her first date. She is very shy girl and for Abdenour it was very important to meet this type of girl. Julia liked Abdenour also for his deep intelligence.

The time will show. I want to wish to this my couple to You cannot find your dream girl? It is so difficult to find a woman with the right qualities for you to create the family. Sometimes you was close to marriage , but You feel that you are being reasonable in your expectations, but somehow the pieces of the puzzle just don't fit together. It can happen with everybody. But there is one more way to try to find your dream girl.

This is a big chance to meet your future wife there. Many our clients met their half in those Parties. Always , as a rule. This is our new couple -Julia and Abdenour. He came from France, he lives in the South of France. He is looking for his future wife rather longtime. But today ,I think,finally he met his dream. Of course , It is too early to speak about the marriage, but I feel, that the marriage will be.

This is her first date. She was very shy and Abdenour liked this a lot. But not only this he liked in her.

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She is beautiful and she has the family values. Abdenour was looking for that type of girl. Almahdi ,36 years old. My dream is to sleep and wake up with the fun and enjoy the one. I can go to another country. I have a deep understanding that can be reducing many problems. We want to open one secret to you.

I understand ,that now it is winter and the flowers are expensive, but be the real men.

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Look at the photo of this girl!. She just received the It's hard to talk about oneself, but I think I'm a mature, open-minded, loving man. I really appreciate married life: Leave the detail after communicating with God.

I'm 27 years old, cultured, clean, respectful, religious, good "I want a woman to marry No money, no position, no matter if you are divorced, or a big age, or a widow, we hope to have a work that we share with each other now, one hand does not clap, my dream lady has a heart before a body possesses a mature romantic feeling. The beauty of feelings and feeling before the shape of a lady adores the man to the character of his sweetheart The woman's vow will be good and honest in her important feelings.

He lives in the South of France. Today in our agency a very happy event- Engagement. They met each other two years ago. Their relations very not easy fro the beginning. But he is very nice person and finally she open the heart to him.

Even the nature today was good for our couple. The sun smiles for us! First time for many days the sun is shining. Yesterday one our very nice client, educated, handsome, kind finally met his dream girl.

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He was dreaming about her longtime. Big blue eyes, blond hair, 21 years old with the body of Barby.

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A big chance to everybody who is looking for the destiny. The 1st of February in Kiev will be a big Party of married minded people. Do not lose your chance. Hundreds of girls from all over Ukraine will come to this Party. You can have some idea. But, of course, It is better to come and see by your own eyes. Write to us Brideskiev gmail. This is our client Joseph. He lives in USA, in California.

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Joseph was never married and no children. He is very kind and tender person. He likes the nature, the animals, the life itself. He can make a woman happy. The problem that Joseph cannot find this woman. Joseph is not tall, cm, but his woman can be from cm to cm. Age 25 to 45years old. Profession can be any. Joseph has his own jewelry business.

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This is a family's business. But Joseph has also the land in California and he is also a farmer. Look the photos of Kiev , which I made yesterday. You are tired of mannish women, which are all similar in their behaviour, principles, style. You do not feel a man with such type of women. They may be competitors, partners or even bosses.

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But not wives, not true friends who inspire, cheer up, and who know how to love. You are tired of such women having so many of them in your country. You are tired of business-women whose businesses, jobs, projects will always prevail over you. You are tired of waiting for right woman that would realise the meaning of true female happiness, would treat you like a man and defender but not like a partner in a common household.

By sending us your request you are making the right life changing choice. All you have to pay them back is love, care and devotion. The rest part of family building work will be done by a woman. Many of them are even afraid of moving to another country. And they are willing to go and live abroad with future husband for the sake of love, family and women's happiness. Only such ladies, who are serious, responsible and marriage-minded, are subscribed to our agency.

We are not committed to fill our gallery with beautiful model-looking photos of girls. All the girls in our database are thoroughly pre-screened. We interview them, learn their way of life, goals, plans, hobbies, etc.