Dating a gym junkie

Are you in an uncomfortably comfortable relationship? Are you a clingy girlfriend?

Don't date a gym junkie

Here's how to stop being so attached to your man. Skip to main content. A beauty look that's more you. Colours for good vibes at home.

Invest in yourself for better you. The importance of female friends. Your Vacay Starts Now.

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Dating in the Gym! Should you think twice!?

SG female bartenders to know now. If you're waiting for a sign to approach that muscled hottie you've been eyeing at the gym, this is it!

Your partner is likely to be more positive and cheerful Endorphins. You get to try new restaurants Someone who puts that much effort into staying fit is likely to also watch what they put into their body.

10 Truths About Dating A Fitness Freak | New Love Times

Rachel Lim's favourite items from Love, Bonito's new store. Avoid them on this day at all costs. Do not offer assistance. Because while they are busy working out, you have demolished a whole pizza to yourself. There is a constant mismatch — all they want is for you to be their gym buddy and all you want for them to do is enter food eating challenges with you. Now, milkshakes are just reasons to improve your body, and this has destroyed you a little on the inside.