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19-Year-Old Fights to Be Taken Off Sex Offender Registry

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How often is important to identify individuals. A convicted sex offender registry. The sex offender is the help and support they need. What should i date of fish allow sex offender information. I spoke to this girl for 30 minutes one time because I was bored at 2am. It did not matter that I did not initiate the conversation, and it did not matter that we both contributed to the nature of the conversation. I took a plea deal at the recommendation of my attorney and was sentenced to 2 years of probation and have never seen the inside of a jail cell in my life.

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I was not "arrested", I had traveled to the state where the minor resides only in order to answer to the charges that were brought against me. I had never before had legal problems yet I am now seen as a dangerous criminal even though my crime did not involve rape, touching, or even solicitation. But it seems that every day I learn of a new law, bill, or policy that bans and restricts sex offenders from… everything.

It has been difficult enough to tell girls I start to date that I am a registered sex offender before feelings become developed, especially my own. I have already been hurt twice.

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But with all these restrictions and limitations being placed on functioning normally in society, what is my motivation in telling the truth? Typically I have always treated people with respect, trust, and been completely honest. I am that way because that is the kind of person I want to be and always have been. But if I am met with anger, distrust, and belittlement, then there is no point and it fills my mind and body with hopelessness and despair. With every new law that gets passed against sex offenders, I am reminded about the stories my grandfather had shared with me while he was in Germany prior to him being sent to a concentration camp.

Fortunately, he was able to escape with fraudulent government papers.

I understand completely that there are dangerous people out there. I lock my doors at night, I lock my car when I leave it in public, and I avoid bad areas in the city just like everyone else. But to isolate a group and say they are ALL like that is called stereotyping and to limit that group's liberty is persecution. First it was slavery, then segregation, it happened in Germany with the Jews, and even recent frequent genocides in other countries that most people don't hear about.